Christopher J. Hodson

Chris joined Zscaler as the Director of Information Security for EMEA and runs the Office of the CISO in this region.  Chris has spent 18 years in end-user organisations in the financial service, legal and retail sectors holding a broad range of roles across the infosec spectrum: engineer, designer, architect through to head of function for cyber security.

Chris has seen first hand how our personal and professional reliance on technology has dramatically changed. Ten years ago, we as the IT department controlled what a user had  access to and how they connected; now the user demands access to applications of their choosing at a time they specify and on a device and platform they stipulate – oh how the tides have turned.  How do we keep up?  In most cases, it’s a challenge but not an insurmountable one.   Chris believes the over-arching requirement of security leadership is to convey information security risks to board-level executives in terms which resonate with them and allow for balanced and considered risk management.

Chris’ most recent previous role was for Waitrose where he was the Head of Information Security Strategy and Architecture.  In this position, Chris worked to ensure that Waitrose had the security architecture and framework to posture the company for success. Prior to his role at Waitrose, Christopher was responsible for the Corporate IT Security team at Visa Europe for three years where he was also responsible for Cyber Security Innovation

Senior Director, Office of the CISO

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