Francesco Chiarini

Expert at the protection of critical business information assets and development of strategies against loss through industrial espionage attacks staged by Advanced Persistent Threats. Well versed in regulations and standards including NIST, Sarbanes – Oxley and ISO 27001 & 27002. Holds several top leading certifications like: CISM (Certified Information Security Manager), GCED (GIAC Certified Enterprise Defender), CCSK (Certificate of Cloud Security Knowledge), MoR (Management of Risk, APMG), and more. Has received training from best-in-class organizations: SANS, Verizon, Mandiant FireEye, Symantec, Qualys, Hewlett-Packard Enterprise, and more. Holds a B.Sc. in Management Engineering from Polytechnic of Milan (Italy) and M.A. in International Economics from the Warsaw University (Poland). Proud to have on his account over 50 professional recommendations, proving a solid and trusted reputation among an International Management community as well as within the IT industry. Able to provide pro-bono consulting for academic institutions regarding my areas of specialty. The materials used in the presentations contain publicly available information and are based on open literature as well as market information.

More details on Francesco Chiarini’s CV are available on his LinkedIn profile.

Senior Manager, Information Security Threat & Response
PepsiCo Global Information Security

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