Jort Kollerie

Strategic Advisor, Orange Cyberdefense

Jort Kollerie started in IT back in 2000 and specialisedin digital forensics andbiometric solutions during the first years. From 2012, he started working within the cybersecurity domain with a broad focus on technology and later on managed security services. Since 2019, Jort is working at Orange Cyberdefense and was previously responsible for the teamsof ethical hackers & consultantsand security architecture. Now he is thestrategic advisor and worksinternally and externally with leadership teams in making the best choices to enhance cybersecurity strategies for the future.He regularly speaks to journalists, is a speaker at events and participates in various podcasts as a guest. With great enthusiasm and creativity, he explains the need for cybersecurity in a passionate but above allin anunderstandable way.

Organizator konferencji

Evention sp. z o.o., Rondo ONZ 1 Str, Warsaw, Poland
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